Grant Guidelines

Upon her death in 1992, Alice Eaton, a former resident of Stow, bequeathed funds to the Town of Stow for the purpose of improving the health of Stow children birth through age twelve, with a particular emphasis on health research.
Alice Eaton’s concerns illustrated a mission to be proactive in preventing and curing disease. Our mission incorporates Alice’s wishes and also includes the safety and enrichment activities that promote good health.

Examples of such efforts could include:

A data or information gathering project that measures health needs;

  • A prevention or awareness program that addresses a health or safety issue, such as obesity;
  • A health or safety education program that helps those with a disease take better care of his/her self; or
  • Equipment or scholarships costs associated with a health concern.

We applaud your attention to children and welcome all proposals!

Selection Criteria

  • Confirmation that the organization is a reasonably financially stable 501(c)(3).
  • Clear explanation of how the funds will be used through review of budget breakdown.
  • Clear explanation of why the funds are needed and how the funds will impact Children’s Health for children in Stow, birth through age 12.
  • Clear detailing of how results will be measured and communicated, and how success will be defined.
  • For direct scholarship funds, a clear explanation of the process for awarding scholarships and the health need met by the use of funds.

Nonprofit organizations (501(c)(3)) serving Stow children are eligible to apply. Schools and public agencies serving Stow are eligible. There are no limitations on access at this time; organizations, whether accepted or rejected, may apply in consecutive grant periods.

Application Instructions & Deadline
Alice Eaton Fund, Inc. will accept applications twice per year. Please fill out the application form and attach the related documents listed below for submission. Applications must be received by April 23, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. for 2019 Spring Grants in order to be considered.

Important Dates
If awarded a grant from Alice Eaton Fund, Inc., you may be asked to attend a Board meeting in order to discuss your grant proposal and reporting schedule.

Compliance & Reporting
All grantees must submit a written report within one year of the grant award that describes the use of the funds and overall outcomes. If the program is not completed, a final report when the program is completed will also need to be submitted. A simple grant report form is available below.

Grant requests of up to $5,000 will be considered. Funding is contingent upon the organization’s successful evaluation and reporting of past grant awards from Alice Eaton Fund, Inc.

Forms Required for Grant Application

eaton_fund_application_form (click to download file)
Please mail your completed form and any additional materials to: Karen Wilber, Grants Coordinator @ Alice Eaton Fund, Inc. PO Box 851 Stow, MA 01775.

NEW! You can also apply online here.

GrantReportForm (click to download file)
Please mail your completed form and any additional materials to: Karen Wilber, Grants Coordinator @ Alice Eaton Fund, Inc. PO Box 851 Stow, MA 01775.


All of the following attachments must accompany the proposal:

  • IRS letter confirming tax-exempt status (501(c)(3) or 509(a)
  • Current Board/Staff list with names and addresses
  • Most recent independent audit or Form 990
  • Detailed project budget showing income and expenses